Development of a brand identity and strategic positioning for the modelling agency called SixModelsAgency based in the US and UK.

SixModelsAgency is a modelling agency which gives a platform to up and coming models who seek to share their work with a new community. The agency strongly believes that everyone should have an equal chance at being a professional in their field. They do this by creating a social platform to showcase models with talent on all of their social media in bulk, and giving them the network to find more work.

For this project we decided that the logo needed to be strong, modern and everlasting, since we want to appeal to the newer side of modelling; the young guns. Since the demographic is going to be the younger generations we need to create something that will appeal to them, more than it would appeal to a 50-year-old.  
Keywords that describe the business, compiled after having talks with the client on what the branding needs to look like, and what it needs to feel like to complete the brand identity. We based this off of the demographic of the business as well as their visions of the future.
This is the main color scheme used in the branding, we came on these colors after talking about the keywords to the client, we wanted the colors to look crisp and minimal, meaning it will last for a longer period of time than lets say what the trend is currently. We like the vibrant blue (0000FF) as the main color because it connotes trust, loyalty and wisdom. This, we believe, creates a great image of the business's ideals. 
This is the two main logo marks that were created for SixModelsAgency. The main concept comes from the number "6" + Social Media Avatar + Rising Sun - which I believe works well with the name as well as the vision. The social media avatar shows where the platform exists, and the rising sun is imagery of the clients rising from nothing to become the next big model.
This is the grid which I used to create the logo, it was mainly circles compiled together to create the logomark.
The main font used for the typography of SixModelsAgency is Anodina, which is part of the sans-serif family, which I believe works well with the keywords we got from the client, the main words being modern, everlasting and minimal.
A business card mockup made for SixModelsAgency, so they can reach out to clients and give them something tangible so they can be reminded and influenced to join the agency as a client and get on their way to becoming a professional model.
SixModelsAgency App Loading Screen, we are in talks on whether we should create a social media for models only, so they can build a network, and it would be helpful to keep clients. 
Web app loading screen of the social media for SixModelsAgency, allowing for people to create a network from their computers and laptops. 

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